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September, 2008

BOBST Web-Fed Solutions fulfilling Asian market requirements

Completely integrated into Bobst and based in Switzerland under the name Bobst Web-Feb Solutions, it has been 70 years since the American company Champlain Company Inc., integrated a revolutionary new inking system into a rotogravure printing and converting line, and became a leader in the technology, working with companies such as Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco International.

Since then, Champlain print technology has been continuously developed, not least in 1956 when the company started to work with Bobst, a collaboration that led to the first Swiss-built line.

“Web-fed process” describes the complete uninterrupted in a single machine path, from the roll of substrate to the finished folding carton. The different processes, such as printing (face & reverse), varnishing, quality control, embossing, creasing, and cutting and stripping of waste are combined to produce a fully printed and converted carton. The commonly used converting methods are either flatbed or rotary die cutting. Sheeting is used in combination with off-line finishing for either short run production or integration of various additional production processes. Many value adding processes such rotary embossing and/or punching, hot foil stamping, UV-varnishing, tear tape lamination, and the like can be integrated into a Web-fed machine in order to increase the value of packaging.

Bobst also offers a wide variety of productivity improvements through upgrades and retrofits, as well as through maintenance and training programs. They frequently install additional printing units, replace flatbed cutter-creaser units with rotary die-cutter modules, and add embossing stations and/or up-grade existing lines with the latest register and quality control systems.

Bobst SA | Case postale | CH-1001 Lausanne | tel: +41 21 621 21 11 | fax: +41 21 621 20 70 | www.bobstgroup.com

Wolke rises to new tracking & tracing challenges

Wolke Inks & Printers GmbH, a leading solution partner for “Tracking & Tracing” technologies, is presenting its innovative m600 coding systems at Technopharm 2008. Wolke Inks & Printers has designed the m600 advanced to meet the challenge of the complex processing and tracking necessary for pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the modern world.

With USB, Ethernet/IP, and the TCP/IP interface as standard equipment, it can receive and process complete database contents from a higher-ranking computer in real time. It also has a key qualification for implementation is complete traceability; individual setting possibilities melt the demanded special functions, which are especially required for automation of plants via host computers; and a data backup of every single printed label by returning the print data to a host to simplify the tracking and tracing process.

Variable address and labeling data can be printed directly from a database. Straightforward printing of Datamatrix codes in accordance with ECC 200 standards is possible with the m600 advanced. The m600 advanced also meets the as per stipulated in “21 CFR Part 11,” a validation standard of the pharmaceutical industry, regarding the use of electronic documents and signatures. For the validation established in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices GAMP, we provide our customers with the appropriate documentations (Functional Specification, Installation Qualification, and Operational Qualification). The documents ensure that the labeling systems have been tested and comply with the highest standards.

The m600 Label Designer permits easy, safe and fast creation and processing of complex print labels on the PC. The m600 Ethernet Manager enables the functional transfer of data to the m600 and back for data backup on the PC, while permitting the application of free, new software updates. The integrated Remote Control function helps to control several m600 units from a central point.

Wolke Inks & Printers GmbH | Ostbahnstr. 116 | 91217 Hersbruck Germany | tel: +49 9151-8161-0 | fax: +49 9151-8161-58 | info@wolke.com | www.wolke.com

Tobacco International - September, 2008

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